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Playing in a House of Mirrors

Applied Theatre as Reflective Practice

Warren Linds (Hrsg.), Elinor Vettraino (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


This book explores the concept of reflection through a dramaturgical lens as practitioners in a wide range of disciplines hold up the mirror to their own practice using theatre and theatricality as a way of unpacking their individual and collective practice. Editors and authors consider the use of drama as the vehicle through which learning takes place for the leader, facilitator or manager of an experience rather than the use of drama and theatre as a tool for learning subject content.Reflective practice is an often cited term in the professional thesaurus of educators, social work practitioners and health care workers. It is perhaps less commonly thought of as the purview of leaders of industry, marketing managers and scientists. We define reflective practice in this context as the development of capacities to reflect on actions, behaviours and attitudes that impact on your own practice, or on the way others engage in their practice, so as to be part of a process of continuous learning. It is therefore crucial for any professional to understand how and why we behave and interact with others the way we do.

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practice/praxis, applied theatre, transformational learning, reflection