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90 Minutes (ebook UK)

What if life was like a football match ?

Eddy De Heij

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Life is just like a football match. You want success, but it doesn't always go your way. Practice makes perfect. You make mistakes, and learn from them. Together you make progress. Supporters help you to play even better. And fair play is always the best.

In this book, Steve (45) looks back on his career. What went well? What failed? What did he learn? What can he change? And what does he want to achieve?

90 minutes helps you look at your life like a football match. The book is a coach. He sends you back to the field revitalized after half-time. Maybe he'll change your position. At least he'll give you food for thought.


90 Minutes is written with teenagers and young adults (12-24 years) in mind . This book is for all those young people that want to achieve the next level in Sports, School and Life in general. We all have our challenges and we can share those together to learn from it. Sometimes it only takes a different approach to make those experiences, or lessons stick. So that is why we have created 90 Minutes. Eleven stories about Life, Football and Motivation. 90 Minutes interprets real life events, experiences and growth through the eyes of a football player. Football is used as a metaphor to give youngsters an assist in life. I hope that a few of the stories inspire you to get the best out of yourself. You may deal with school, your self-confidence, relationships, lack of money. Try to see those challenges as situations on the field, you might see the solutions more clear that way.

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