Visiting Chinese wineries

Li Houdun

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It is known that Chinese grape wine is the top ten in the world in terms of output or sales. Any wine lovers and enthusiasts, whether they like it or not, must understand the Chinese grape wine and the drinking habits of Chinese people.Therefore, in addition to letting readers know about the 15 most representative wineries in China, this book also hopes that everyone can get to know the aforementioned wineries after reading the information mentioned in the book. The content of this book is divided into several parts. Part one is the basic introduction of the wineries, in addition to the history of the wineries, terrior conditions, the variety and the yield, it also introduces more technical knowledge such as pruning, disease, cultivation and production.Most of the content is personally described by the owners, winemakers and garden managers.a Second part is about the tourist information of each winery, including visit information, accommodation and entertainment, how to go and the surrounding attractions.Since most of the wineries are in the suburbs or in the countryside, you may need to drive there. Therefore, the route description must be as detailed as possible, including GPS coordinates, in order to help the readers easily find out the way. Third part is about 32 columns of "e;Wineries Tips"e;, which are about some of the wine growing and winemaking knowledge that should be known when visiting the wineries, plus the entrepreneurial anecdotes of some individual wineries.

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