Single and Complete: Alone and Content

Ndidi Ngwuluka

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Single lady, who are you? Have you discovered yourself? Where does your happiness lie? Should you allow marital status to define you? Are you happy being single, or are you depressed and frustrated?This book will lift the frustrations, depressions, and pressures of being single. It encourages the single lady to live and not wait with folded hands, understanding that where she is now ought to be maximized and not wasted. The focus of Single and Complete: Alone and Content is to uplift the single lady to know who she is, to respect and encourage others to respect her status, to kick out the life suckers, and to encourage her do exploits and go places. Single lady, capitalize on the moment and fly to the highest heights; step away from the ordinary and be extraordinary. Experience joy while fulfilling your God-given vision.

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