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One Hundred Years' History of the Chinese in Singapore

The Annotated Edition

Ong Siang Song

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Since its publication in 1923, Sir Song Ong Siang's One Hundred Years' History of the Chinese in Singapore has become the standard biographical reference of prominent Chinese in early Singapore, at least in the English language. This fact would have surprised Song who saw himself primarily as a compiler of historical and biographical snippets. The original was not referenced in academic fashion and contained a number of errors. This annotation by the Singapore Heritage Society takes Song's classic text and updates it with detailed annotations of sources that Song himself might have consulted, and includes more recent scholarship on the lives and times of various personalities who are mentioned in the original book. This annotated edition is commissioned by the National Library Board, Singapore and co-published with World Scientific Publishing.

  • List of Illustrations
  • Annotator's Preface
  • Note to Readers
  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword by William Makepeace
  • Compiler's Note by Song Ong Siang
  • Table of Chinese Names
  • Introduction
  • The First Decade (1819–29)
  • The Second Decade (1829–39)
  • The Third Decade (1839–49)
  • The Fourth Decade (1849–59)
  • The Fifth Decade (1859–69)
  • The Sixth Decade (1869–79)
  • The Seventh Decade (1879–89)
  • The Eighth Decade (1889–99)
  • The Ninth Decade (1899–1909) First Part
  • The Ninth Decade (1899–1909) Second Part
  • The Tenth Decade (1909–19) First Part
  • The Tenth Decade (1909–19) Second Part
  • Index

Readership: Historians, scholars and researchers in History and Asian/Southeast Asian Studies, particularly in the history of Overseas Chinese communities, and general interest readers.Overseas Chinese;Overseas Chinese Studies;Straits Chinese;Song Ong Siang;Southeast Asian History;Singapore History;Biography;Asian Studies00

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