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Business Practices, Growth And Economic Policy In Emerging Markets

Satyendra Singh (Hrsg.), Luis Camacho (Hrsg.)

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Globalization has forced international firms to be competitive, innovative, and most importantly, adaptive to the changing economic conditions and consumer behavior, and emerging threats from local firms based in developing countries and emerging markets. These markets also have one of the fastest growth rates in the world given the advancement in technology, the rise in global investments, and the change in culture. As such, the knowledge translation and transfer from advanced countries to emerging markets and vice-versa is of essence; the advanced countries need access to the markets, and the emerging markets need the technology and investments, among others, from advanced countries. It is a win-win strategy to develop competitive advantage for international firms. In this context, the authors, who have significant international business knowledge in developing countries and emerging markets, carefully present a selection of peer-reviewed edited chapters that are research-based, theoretical sound, and managerially relevant.The book serves as an essential tool to study, apply, and analyze the contemporary dynamics in developing and emerging markets as the chapters cover recent and relevant business topics such as talent management, ICT technologies, innovation, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, business incubation home market, and entry strategies.

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