Behaviors of Trace Metals in Environment

The Pollution in Regional and Metropolis Areas

Hui Zhang

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Sachbuch / Natur und Gesellschaft: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


This book focuses on the behavior and impact of trace metals in the environment by studying typical cases from China such as the Hetao Area of the Yellow River, Shanghai, and Nanjing. Based on samples and experiments on the behavior of pollutants, it systematically discusses the regulation of trace metals’ distribution, accumulation, and migration, associated with the cause of formation demonstration. The author subsequently uses the acquired data to review the evolving trend of trace metal behaviors in natural systems (river or lake water, sediments, and soils), develops suggestions for the prevention of their negative effects, and devise treatments. Moreover, he proposes solutions to difficult research issues such as trace metal speciation extraction, and an analysis, along with operational procedures. Given its scope, the book will provide a valuable guide for researchers and engineers in relevant disciplines of the environmental sciences and engineering, and for environmental policymakers to consult in practices.

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Trace metals, Evolvement and factors, Speciation of Trace Metals, Environmental pollutant behavior, Regional and metropolis pollution