Compressible Fluid Dynamics and Shock Waves

Akihiro Sasoh

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Mechanik, Akustik


This book offers comprehensive coverage of compressible flow phenomena and their applications, and is intended for undergraduate/graduate students, practicing professionals, and researchers interested in the topic. Thanks to the clear explanations provided of a wide range of basic principles, the equations and formulas presented here can be 
understood with only a basic grasp of mathematics.

The book particularly focuses on shock waves, offering a unique approach to the derivation of shock wave relations from conservation relations in fluids together with a contact surface, slip line or surface; in addition, the thrust of a rocket engine and that of an air-breathing engine are also formulated. Furthermore, the book covers important fundamentals of various aspects of physical fluid dynamics and engineering, including one-dimensional unsteady flows, and 
two-dimensional flows, in which oblique shock waves and Prandtl-Meyer expansion can be observed.

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aerodynamics, shock waves, fluid engineering, propulsion, sonic boom, compressible fluid dynamics