Islamic Revivalism and Politics in Malaysia

Problems in Nation Building

Bob Olivier

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This book describes the Islamisation process that has unfolded in Malaysia over the last fifty years and provides feedback from in-depth interviews with 100 individuals from Malaysia’s “educated classes”, or the “elite”, regarding their reactions to the changes that have accompanied Islamisation and how they feel it has impacted them. It includes a brief overview of Islamisation globally and a brief history of Malaysia, focusing especially on those aspects relevant to the book’s subject. The book gives a comprehensive explanation of how and why Islamisation occurred in Malaysia and illustrates the extent of change that has accompanied it. The feedback from the research participants includes special analysis of reactions from Muslim women and non-Muslims. The reasons behind there being so little public debate about Islamisation and the concerns that this group of people have about what is happening is also explained. Finally, the author gives his opinion on the impact the change in government in May 2019 is likely to have. 

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Social Engineering in Malaysia, Muslim Women in Malaysia, Manifestations of Islamisation, Islamisation in Malaysia, Political Islam in Malaysia, Islamisation Impact on Non-Muslims in Malaysia, Islamic Revival in Malaysia, 2018 Malaysia General Elections, Inter-ethnic Relations in Malaysia