The Experience of Being First in Family at University

Pioneers in Higher Education

Sharron King, Ben McCann, Ann Luzeckyj, et al.

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This book provides an in-depth analysis of what it means to be the first in family at university. It examines the factors that influence first in family students' decisions to enrol, attend and continue at university, and how their hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future affect their university experience. Using survey data and semi-structured interviews, the book offers valuable and far-reaching insights into the first in family student experience, and provides recommendations for future practice at the national and institutional level for teaching and professional staff as well as for first in family students. As universities face intense competition for students and growing economic constraints due to funding cuts and increasing costs, this book comes at a critical time.

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Student experience, Social inclusion, Policy makers, Student support, Equity group, Narrative case studies, First generation, Diversity, Semi-structured interviews, Transition, Widening participation, First year experience, Non-traditional students, University student