Digital Carnivalesque

Power Discourse and Counter Narratives in Singapore Social Media

Hoi-Yi Katy Kan

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Kommunikationswissenschaft


This book challenges the framing of comedic acts as apolitical and it adopts a multimodal critical discourse approach to interrogate the performance of comedy as a form of power. It proposes using Bakhtin’s carnivalesque as the analytic tool to distil for readers key differences between humour as banal and humour as critical (and political) in today’s social media.

Drawing from critical theory and cultural studies, this book takes an interdisciplinary approach in formulating a contemporary view of power that reflects social realities not only in the digital economy but also in a world that is increasingly authoritarian. With the proposition of newer theoretical lenses in this book, scholars and social scientists can then find a way to shift the conversation to uncover the evolving voices of (existing and newer) power holders in the shared digital space; and to view current social realities as a continual project in unpacking and understanding the adaptive ways of the human spirit.

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semiotic discourse analysis, multimodal analysis, carnivalization of social relations, critical digital literacy and cultural studies, performance and performativity, digital carnivalesque practices in social media, power performances in digital vernacular discourse, power relations in comedic mediatized contents, critical discourse analysis, carnivalesque politics, power in the digital vernacular discourse, aestheticization of hegemonic ideologies, comedy as a form of power