China’s Transition on Climate Change Communication and Governance

Binbin Wang

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


This book provides a two-level analytical framework and empirical study to analyze the reason and process of China’s transition that is from a follower to driver in the field of global climate governance, and is especially valuable the dialogues and cooperation between the government, media and civil society. Nowadays, China shows strong leadership to push the process of global climate governance. It’s the first and fastest time in the past 40-year history of China’s Opening-up that China wins the international respect and trust in one of the issues of global governance. What experiences can be summarized? What dynamic situations and new possibilities emerged after Trump, the U.S. president announced to withdraw from the Paris Agreement? How to move forward based on the existing success? This timely book offers new lens for international readers to understand China’s effort domestically and internationally in the field of climate change and illustrate the outlook of the climate governance in the frame of win-win co-governance model. 

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Climate change communication, NGO, Two-level game, Multi-stakeholder cooperation, Global climate governance, China, China’s transition