Board Directors, Financial Derivatives, and Corporate Governance: The Case of Vietnam

Tran Thi Hong Lien

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Betriebswirtschaft


This book gives readers a look inside the boardrooms and directors’ minds—a desirable but highly challenging task for researchers due to the lack of access to top teams in organizations. This book breaks through that barrier with a mixed-methods investigation of boardrooms in the emerging country of Vietnam particularly on the topic of financial derivatives. 

Directors are the leading players within the corporate governance framework. The general effectiveness of the board depends on their roles, processes and competencies. Given the scandals marring the history of the financial industry, this book aims to tackle the question of whether board directors have the financial acumen required to handle the tricky instruments of financial derivatives through interviews with board directors and analysis of their organizations. 

 Providing a managerial perspective of financial derivatives, this distinguishes itself from more popular financial engineering books and would be a useful read for government officials, board directors, training organizations and scholars, particularly in Vietnam. 

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Top Management Perspectives of Financial Derivatives, Board Directors on Financial Derivatives, Financial Derivatives in an Emerging Economy, Corporate Governance in Vietnam, Insights from Top Management