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Singapore Eurasians

Memories, Hopes and Dreams

Myrna Braga-Blake (Hrsg.), Ann Ebert-Oehlers;Alexius A Pereira;; (Hrsg.)

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-->Singapore Eurasians: Memories, Hopes and Dreams offers insight into the Singapore Eurasian community, one of Singapore's minority communities. Though small, the Eurasian community has undoubtedly played a big part in Singapore's nation-building. This book is the definitive record of Eurasian history and heritage in Singapore, and serves to educate the younger generation of Eurasians about their roots, the community's achievements and its collective hopes and dreams for the future, as well as provide a useful resource for others to learn more about the Eurasian community.In addition, Singapore Eurasians: Memories, Hopes and Dreams also covers the growth and developments of the Eurasian community within the last 25 years, and how the Eurasian Association (EA), as a Self-Help Group since 1994, has been helping the less fortunate through its programmes, as well as being the main force in driving the preservation and sharing of the Eurasian culture for its future generations.In preserving the history and heritage, as well as expressing the hopes and dreams of the Singapore Eurasian community, this book is an effort in contributing to the country's continued multiracial harmony and appreciation of the many elements that make up Singapore's story. --> -->Contents:Foreword (Barry Desker);Message (George Yeo);Alphonso at Tea;Preface;Eurasians in Singapore (Myrna Braga-Blake);Where the Twain Met (Myrna Braga-Blake and Ann Ebert-Oehlers);Who's Your Mother? Who's Your Father (Pat De Souza);Within a Stone's Throw (Louise Clarke);Nine to Five (Pat D'rose);They Made Their (Mark Francisca & Jacinta Cardoza);Belonging (Valerie Barth);Trial and Tribulation (Keith Rodrigues);Please Pass the Salt (Myrna Braga-Blake);Rites and Festivals (Evelyn Leicester-Rodrigues);For Love of The Game (Ann Ebert'oehlers);Having Fun (Gladrags);The Secret Ingredient (Francesca Eber-Lim);The Eurasian Community in Independent Singapore;They Made Their Mark (Part 2): Prominent Eurasians in Independent Singapore;The New Eurasian: Young Eurasians Look to the Future;From Club to Self-Help Group: The Eurasian Association;Closing Poem;Readership: General public.Eurasians, Singapore, Eurasian Community, History, Contributions0

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