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20 Years of Asia-Europe Relations

Peggy Kek (Hrsg.)

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This book celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), which is a political dialogue process bringing together governments and civil society members from Asia and Europe. The book depicts the evolution of Asia-Europe relations since the foundation of the ASEM, an informal political dialogue process, initiated in 1996. The book chapters are contributed by leaders of Asia and Europe including Head of states and Ministers from Asia and Europe. It is a unique book commemorating and celebrating 20 years of Asia-Europe relations.Contents:Foreword (Ambassador ZHANG Yan)Introduction: ASEM at 20 (Peggy KEK)ASEM: New Beginnings:The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM): A Bridge between East and West (GOH Chok Tong)Building on 20 Years of ASEM: Expanding Connectivity and Inclusion (Chimediin SAIKHANBILEG)ASEM: The Future, Building on the Past and Present:Connectivity: Shaping the Future of ASEM (ZENG Peiyan)20 Years of Asia-Europe Meeting from 1996 to 2016: An Active Partnership — Ready for the Next Decades (Frank-Walter STEINMEIER)Making Employability Work: Indonesia's Experience (Anies BASW EDAN)The Beginning and Future of ASEM: The Potential of the Silk Road Project and the AIIB (Romano PRODI)Japan's Initiative for the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) (Fumio KISHIDA)Building a Joint Future for ASEM: View from Kazakhsta (Erlan IDRISSOV)Connectivity as the Key Feature of ASEM's Third Decade (Jean ASSELBORN)The Economic and Social Significance of Creativity (Jet BUSSEMAKER)Role of Culture and the Arts for the Promotion of Mutual Understanding and Development between Asia and Europe (KIM Jongdeok)Sweden's Contribution to the ASEM Informal Seminars on Human Rights (Margot WALLSTRöM)ASEM AND ASEF:Reflections on ASEF (Tommy KOH & Peggy KEK)About the EditorAbout the SeriesReadership: Policy-makers, academics and general readers interested in Asia-Europe relations.

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