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From East to West

Memoirs of a Finance Professor on Academia, Practice, and Policy

Cheng-Few Lee

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-->This memoir presents a special look into Professor Cheng-Few Lee's formative childhood years, his distinguished career as a respected scholar and conference organizer, and his substantial experience in the fields of education and policy-making. It shares the innovative methods and forward-looking educational philosophy that underpin the rigorous training of his students in finance and accounting. This memoir also reflects upon Professor Lee's life experiences, and his involvement in business consulting and government policy-making. Readers will enjoy this private retrospection into the memories, experiences, and philosophy of this humble man, who is counted among the most published finance professors and experienced journal editors in the world. -->Contents:Happy Childhood of Kites and Geese;Math and Chemistry at Chien Kuo (C. K.) High School;Misfortune May Be a Blessing in Disguise;Happy Family Life;Help from President Lee Teng-hui;Relationship with Ex-Governor of the Central Bank, Dr Liang Kuo-shu;Teaching Method and Educational Philosophy;Experience in Training PhD Students of Finance and Accounting;Innovative and Active Approach to Teaching Finance;World Records in Academic Achievements;Enthusiastically Participating in Democratic Organizations and Movements;Traveling and Lecturing All Over the World;My Relationships with Important People in Academic Institutes, the Industry, and the Taiwan Government;Contributions to Taiwan's Economic and Financial Policy;Contributions to the Management of Education in Taiwan;My Various Contributions to the Subject of Finance;Four Decades of a Challenging and Rewarding Academic Career;Respective and Prospective;Readership: Students and academicians who are interested in issues related to education and policy-making and training philosophy in finance and accounting.Cheng-Few Lee, Memoirs, Finance Professor, Teaching Method and Educational Philosophy, Training PhD Students in Finance and Accounting, Innovative Approach to Teaching Finance, Democratic Organizations and Movements, Contributions to Taiwan's Economic and Financial Policy, Contributions to Management of Education in Taiwan, Challenging and Rewarding Academic CareerA distinguished professor's reflection on the teaching philosophies he used for the past 40 years, his successful academic career, and his contributions in business consulting and government policy-making