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3-in-1: Governing a Global Financial Centre

J J Woo

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-->3-in-1: Governing a Global Financial Centre provides a comprehensive understanding of Singapore's past development and future success as a global financial centre. It focuses on three transformational processes that have determined the city-state's financial sector development and governance — globalisation, financialisation, and centralisation — and their impacts across three areas: the economy, governance, and technology. More importantly, this book takes a multidimensional approach by considering the inter-related and interdependent nature of these three transformational processes. Just like the 3-in-1 coffee mix that is such an ubiquitous feature of everyday life in Singapore, the individual ingredients of Singapore's success as a global financial centre do not act alone, but as an integrated whole that manifests itself in one final product: the global financial centre. -->Contents: AcknowledgementsAbout the BookPrefaceThe Political Economy of a Global Financial CentreGlobal Cities in a Global EconomyThe Prevalence of FinanceMaking Sure the Centre HoldsConclusionBibliographyAbout the Author --> -->Readership: University and graduate level students studying political economy, general public interested in studies of financial centres. -->Key Features:This book provides a comprehensive understanding of Singapore's development as a financial centre, taking a political economy and process-driven approachThis book aims to provide readers with an in-depth understanding of the various forces that drive financial sector development in Singapore, as well as the broad implications of these forcesThis book provides a dynamic and process-driven understanding of financial sector development in Singapore. This differs from the often historical and descriptive approaches taken by other books on the subjectIn contrast to the economic and historical approaches that most studies of Asian financial centres have tended to take, this book is multi-disciplinary in nature, addressing economic, socio-political and technological variablesThis book addresses the topic from both an empirical and theoretical perspective, drawing on the author's research in the area and cutting edge theoretical developments

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