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Japan and China

A Contest in Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa

Koichi Sakamoto

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-->Since the opening up of China in 1979, the country had experienced phenomenal economic growth over the decades and overtook Japan as the second-largest economy in 2010. With the establishment of a conservative administration led by Shinzo Abe in December 2012 and Xi Jinping's ascendance to power as the General Secretary of China's ruling party a month earlier, the two countries intensified their commitments in aid to Sub-Saharan Africa. Surveying the Japanese and Chinese aid in Sub-Saharan Africa, this book examines the two Asian giants' policies and achievements in past decades and discusses future directions of their aid initiatives. Japan and China: A Contest in Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa is recommended for those interested in understanding East Asian international relations and contemporary aid trends and issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. -->Contents: Aid to Africa by Western CountriesAid to Sub-Saharan Africa by JapanAid to Sub-Saharan Africa by ChinaRivalry between Japan and China until Early 2010sContest between Japan and China from 2012 to 2020sConcluding Remarks --> -->Readership: Graduate students, practitioners and those interested in understanding East Asian international relations and foreign aid in Sub-Saharan Africa. -->Keywords:Aid to Africa;Japan;China;TICAD;FOCAC;ODA;DAC;OECD;IMF;World Bank;Governance;Aid Reforms;MDGs;UNMDGs;SDGs;UNSDGs; Poverty Reduction;Foreign Aid;OOF;Tied AidReview:Key Features:Detailed reports on aid policies by Japan and China in the 2010sComparison of aid policies between Japan and China, and between Asian and Western donorsDiscussion of future directions of aid to Africa by the two Asian giants

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