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For Others

Alan Anand Johnson (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Einzelne Wirtschaftszweige, Branchen


-->In 1852, six Brothers of the Christian Schools, following in the tradition of their founder St. John Baptist de La Salle, gave up all they had and travelled to the Far East to bring education to the poor. They landed in Singapore and established the second school of the La Salle Brothers in this region. Their unparalleled approach to education saw an astronomical rise in student numbers and reputation. For years, St. Joseph's Institution has been an icon of Singapore's history, grooming many of its leaders.An earlier book Men for Others by Warren Fernandez celebrates the first generation of post-independence leaders. In the same spirit, this edition honours some of those who have taken on the mantle of service leadership for the next generation of Singaporeans. Inspiring alumni featured in this edition include Gerard Ee, Justice Chan Seng Onn, Teo Hock Seng, and Peter Seah. This book commemorates the 165th anniversary of the Christian Brothers in Singapore by showing that the mission of those first Brothers is well alive, 165 years on. -->Contents: ForewordFor Art:Alvin YappChong Fah CheongEdmond ChinHanson HoRicky HoFor Community:Benedict CheongGerard Ee Huck LianMohammad Fareez bin Mohammad FahmyThomas WeeFor Country:Joshua SohMichael SngNoel CheahNoel HonPaul ChewTan Tee HowWarren Jude FernandezFor Education:Agnes ChangKoh Thiam SengLevan LimYap Boon ChienFor God:Rev Msgr Ambrose VazDaniel Cuthbert EeJohn Bosco PereiraFr. John-Paul Tan OFM. JCLBro. Michael BroughtonFor Justice:Justice Chan Seng OnnChristopher BridgesA/P Gilbert Lau Kwang FattJustice Tan Siong ThyeFor Medicine:Damian PngEuan MurugasuGerard Nah Kwang MingOoi Eng EongTseng Seng Kwong PatrickPhilip Choo WeeTeresa Lee Woon OiThomas Lew Wing KitFor Sports:Kenneth KohMichael Vaz LorrainNicholas FangTeo Hock SengFor Economy:Edmund TieEsmond ChooManu BhaskaranPeter SeahPhilip SeahEpilogue --> -->Readership: Students (past and present) of St. Joseph's Institution; Singapore general public. -->Alumni;Alumnae;Anecdotes;St Joseph's Institution;Men for Others;Employees;SJI0Key Features:Identifies several public figures as SJI students and provides some insights into their core beliefsProvides some interesting background stories on famous SingaporeansDisplays unseen photos of some luminaries

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