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The Tangram Puzzle Book

A New Approach to the Classic Pieces

David Goodman, Ilan Garibi

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-->THE TANGRAM is one of the oldest types of dissection puzzles in the world that originated from China. It traditionally requires the participant to arrange seven pieces (or "tans") into a shape just by looking at the given silhouette.LEARN WHILE PLAYING The puzzles in this unique book are fresh, innovative and compelling. The puzzle pieces are building units for puzzles that boost mental dexterity with a variety of challenges from various fields of recreational mathematics. Come on and play with symmetry puzzles, cover-up puzzles and self-similarity puzzles to increase your skill and mental acuity!NEW PUZZLE DESIGNS To add variety and challenge, some of the puzzles may not use all seven pieces of the Tangram set, while others may use pieces from two or more sets.The authors utilize a creative twist in this collection that is different from classic Tangram puzzles: Most of the puzzles do not allow connections between the pieces unless they share a common edge. With this slight change to the rules, an entirely new universe of Tangram puzzles and challenges is unleashed to delight the puzzle solver!PROVIDES HOURS OF FUN The majority of the puzzles in this book are new and original. They range in difficulty to suit various levels of puzzle enthusiasts. Some selections are based upon famous classic puzzles while others are modified to stimulate and captivate the puzzlist as they have done for more than a thousand years! -->Printable Tangram Set (40 KB) -->Contents: PrefaceThanksIntroduction to TangramGlossary of TermsHow to Use this BookTangram Set PuzzlesIncomplete Tangram Set PuzzlesMultiple-Set Tangram PuzzlesBeyond the TangramAppendixReferences --> -->Readership: Puzzle and riddle lovers. -->Keywords:Puzzle;Tangram;Geometry;Symmetry;Recreational MathematicsReview:Key Features:Many new, unique and original puzzlesA huge collection of flat puzzles and activities for all ages and levelsBoth educational and fun; highly challenging puzzles