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The Thriving Professor

A Guide to a Career in Universities and Colleges

Martin H Krieger

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-->In this book, Martin Krieger provides a detailed and practical guide for readers who wish to become more effective scholars, teachers, and administrators. The Thriving Professor dispenses usable insights that smooth the passages through promotion and tenure, and enable the scholar to write and publish more effectively as well as to avoid traps along the way.This work is helpful to those manoeuvring through academic difficulties. It offers essential advice to professors at every stage in their careers to move forward, and takes much of the myth out of the academic life. The Thriving Professor is the friendly mentor everyone wishes for. Krieger says out loud what others hint at, and is non-judgmental. -->Sample Chapter(s)Using The Thriving ProfessorChapter 1: Staying Alive -->Contents:PrefaceUsing The Thriving ProfessorSurviving and Thriving:Staying AliveEthos and TeachingSeminars and TalksThe WorkReliabilityLeavingTeaching, Thinking, Writing:TeachingUnderstandingWriting and PublishingQuality and JudgmentAcademic Leadership:The CV and GrantsYour FacultyDeans and ProvostsTenure and PromotionFull ProfessorshipPathology:PlagiarismBeggingPathologyAppendices:About the AuthorThinking for a LivingNotesIndex --> -->Readership: Graduate students, faculty as teachers and researchers, and chairs and deans interested in securing their academic growth and the strength of their institution. -->Scholarship;Writing;Publication;Research;Tenure;Professor;Promotion;University Excellence;Grants and Fellowships;Academic Administration;Teaching;Public Speaking;Academic Misconduct;Writer's Block0Key Features:The book offers practical advice to professors at each stage in their careers

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