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Ivan Stranski

The Grandmaster of Crystal Growth

Ivan V Markov

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Technik


Who is Ivan Stranski, you ask? If you Google his name you will find thousands of sites that talk about him. In fact, the Kossel-Stranski model of crystal growth and the Stranski-Krastanov mode of growth of thin epitaxial films are named after him — just two of the many scientific ideas and concepts Professor Stranski introduced to science (and through which a whole new field in science was born). Today thousands of physicists, chemists and materials scientists all over the world are working in the field of crystal growth, particularly in epitaxial growth and nucleation which are necessary for the invention of new materials and high technologies. In this respect, the life, personality and way of thinking of this remarkable scientist should be of great interest to both beginners and professionals in science.This book describes the life and scientific achievements of Ivan Stranski, Bulgarian-German physical chemist and the father of crystal growth, against the historical backdrop of wars, massacres, and remarkable scientific discoveries in the 20th century. It covers his family roots, which are remarkable in their own right, his life and career both in Bulgaria and Germany (West Berlin), and his scientific achievements, including his most important contribution to the physics of crystal growth.The book captures Professor Stranski's personality and way of thinking as much as possible from the recollections of his disciples and contemporaries. Short biographical notes about his most renowned students in Bulgaria, Rostislaw Kaischew and Lyubomir Krastanov, with whom Stranski developed his most fundamental ideas are also included.Contents:IntroductionThe RootsLife and CareerThe Scientific LegacyThe DisciplesPersonalityList of Publications of Ivan N StranskiReadership: Students studying, and physicists, chemists and materials scientists working in, the field of crystal growth, epitaxial growth and nucleation for inventing new materials and high technologies. Key Features:There are no competing titles, so it is unique in this case

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