NGOs, Policy Networks and Political Opportunities in Hybrid Regimes

A Case Study of Islamic Republic of Iran

Mohsen Moheimany

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politisches System


This book discusses the diversity and resilience in a hybrid regime where civil society organisations are either provided with complex sets of opportunities or face severe constraints. By studying the case of Iran between 1997 and 2013, it shows how the Islamic Republic regime went into two opposite directions under two presidencies and played in-between supporting and suppressing advocacy NGOs. After accommodating a novel theoretical framework enabling scholars to identify the contributing factors of diversity in the regime, four case-study chapters are designated for comparing the women’s rights and environmental NGOs across local and national governments. These two political and technical policy areas demonstrate the different scopes of freedoms for advocacy NGOs. The contrasting narratives of the civil activists and policymakers imply paradoxes and shifts in the arrangement of opportunities for action and advocacy, although the leadership and structure of the regime remained unchanged during the period of study.

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Local policy networks in Iran, Social Movements in Iran, Environmental Studies of Iran, Iran's one regime, Politics in the Middle East, Government in the Middle East, two trajectories, Governance and policy making in Iran, Civil society and political participation in Iran, Environmental policy domain in Iran, Women’s-right policy domain in Iran, National policy networks in Iran, Islam and Politics in Iran, Political opportunity structure in Iran