Environment, Development and Sustainability in India: Perspectives, Issues and Alternatives

Manish K. Verma (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


This book provides a comprehensive account of asymmetric linkage in the trilogy of environment, development and sustainability and its impact on society. It examines varied perspectives and issues of development related to environmental destruction and sustainability challenges. By examining the recent trends of development and recording the dilemmas which are creating ecological imbalances, it explores some alternative ways of development to achieve sustainability. Divided into three parts, it has a broad canvass. The first section examines critically the ‘perspectives’ on ecology, practice and ethics, rural development and man–forest interaction in the metropolis. ‘Issues’ of dams, river, agricultural distress, environmental migration, eco-tourism, ecological conservation and land acquisition are assessed in part second. ‘Alternative’ means of development is explored in part third by incorporating chapters on the constructed wetland, biofuels, subsistence economy, water and traditional knowledge practice. This interdisciplinary book is of immense significance to academicians, researchers, postgraduate and graduate-level students of social sciences and environmental studies; policymakers, development practitioners and NGOs working in the area of environment and development. 

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Development, ecological imbalances, Globalization, Sustainable Development Goals, environmental issues, Sustainability challenge