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Mechanical Action Of Light On Atoms

V P Yakovlev, G I Surdutovich, A P Kazantsev, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Physik, Astronomie


Control of atomic motion with resonant laser light is the most interesting field of research which is rapidly expanding. The book discusses the latest theoretical and experimental achievements in the study of these phenomena. The fundamental questions of the theory of resonant light pressure are given in the book. They are: 1. Optical Stern-Gerlach Effect and Quantization of Atomic Motion in a Light Field; 2. Theory of Light Pressure Force and Atomic Kinetics in a Strong Field; 3. Diffraction and Interference of Atoms; 4. Velocity Bunching Effect, Cooling and Localization of Atoms in Light Field, and 5. Polarization Phenomena and Recoil Effect. The most important experiments are also discussed in this book. While the book may be used to get a primary acquaintance with the subject, specialists will also find the latest theoretical and experimental results and achievements in this field discussed here.

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