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Globalization And Localization: The Chinese Perspective

The Chinese Perspective

Zhenglai Deng (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politische Soziologie


The aim of this book is to provide the international readership a collection of articles authored by Chinese scholars on the subject of globalization and localization. In a world where no country is an island isolated from others, globalization is bound to be contested, debated, and de- and re-constructed at different levels across the international community. For this very reason, it is important to present this concept as developed, interpreted and discussed by the Chinese community.The scope of book is broad, ranging from theoretical reflection to more concrete opinions given by the Chinese academic community, and finally to case studies on globalization and localization. It includes eleven articles by leading Chinese scholars in the past decades.Contents:Theoretical Reflections:Universalism and Critique of Ideology in Global Politics (Tong Shijun)Toward the True World Culture: The Multiple Universalities in the Era of Globalization (Chen Lai)Economic Globalization and Cultural Pluralism (Wan Junren)Chinese Perspectives on Globalization:Premise Analysis of the Fundamental Tasks of China's Contemporary Legal Philosophy — “The World Structure” as a Historic Condition (Deng Zhenglai)China's Perspective on the Globalization Research (Yu Keping)Chinese World Outlook: All-under-Heaven System (Zhao Tingyang)The Dialectic and Historical Determination of Cultural Subjectivity (Zhang Xudong)Globalization and Localization: Case Study:China: A Society of Intra-Systems (Wang Hui)The Chinese Model of Development: An International Perspective (Cheng Yung-nien)Globalization: Production of Culture and Cultural Identity — Ethnic Group, Local Society and Transnational Cultural Circle (Ma Guoqing)Globalization and Regional Income Inequality Empirical Evidence from within China (Guanghua Wan, Ming Lu and Zhao Chen)Readership: Students, professional, general public who are interested in the topics of globalization and localization, such as universalism, cosmopolitanism, critique of ideology, and cultural subjectivity.

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