Mesons And Nuclei At Intermediate Energies - Proceedings Of The International Conference

Kurmanov Zh B Kurmanov (Hrsg.), Khankhasayev Mikhail Kh Khankhasayev (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Physik, Astronomie


One of the main goals of intermediate energy nuclear physics, which serves an important role as a bridge between nuclear and particle physics, is to construct the theory of strong interaction phenomena in terms of conventional degrees of freedom (nucleons, deltas and mesons) as well as of quark degrees of freedom.The main topics to be discussed at this conference are the interaction of pions and other mesons with nuclei at intermediate energies and the role of mesonic degrees of freedom in nuclear reactions, including photon, hadron and heavy ion induced reactions. Both theoretical and experimental results will be included.Over the past two decades, the Meson Factories, including LAMPF, TRIUMF, and PSI, have provided us with systematic experimental information on hadron-hadron and hadron-nucleus dynamics. Major accelerators of JINR are also suitable for studying problems in Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics. At the present time, first experiments have been performed with the proton beams at the Moscow Meson Factory of INR. One of the purposes of this conference is to introduce the intermediate-energy physics community to the possibility of utilizing the facilities of JINR and INR during the next decade.

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