Living with Eczema

Mom Asks, Doc Answers!

MarcieMom, Hugo Van Bever

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This book is a unique collaboration between a mother of a child with atopic dermatitis (AD) and the doctor who is treating the child — it offers practical information on AD, recent research findings and tackles many aspects of living with eczema that patients have through the conversation between the mother and doctor. Therefore, this book is an up-to-date comprehensive resource for people suffering from AD, parents of children who suffer from AD and practitioners who treat AD. In brief, for everybody interested in AD.This book's importance in atopic dermatitis lies not only in its up-to-date comprehensive information, but also in that it offers an avenue where patients can have their questions answered by a doctor via the Q&A between the mother and the doctor. Patients may not be able to ask all the questions on their mind in a consultation, and this book totaling over 100 questions will have many of them answered.Contents:Learning about Eczema:Eczema BasicsNormal Skin versus Eczema SkinLiving with Eczema:Eczema DiagnosisTriggers for EczemaEczema PreventionEczema TreatmentAtopic Dermatitis in AdultsEczema and Beyond:The Pathophysiology of Atopic DermatitisThings that Don't WorkFuture Research on Atopic DermatitisConclusionAppendices:Daily Food JournalChecklist to Alternate CaregiverReadership: General public, parents of children with eczema.

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