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Emperor of Enzymes

A Biography of Arthur Kornberg, Biochemist and Nobel Laureate

Errol C Friedberg

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This book chronicles the life and work of the late Arthur Kornberg, one of the premier biochemists in the world, who discovered the enzyme DNA polymerase, a key enzyme required for the biosynthesis of DNA.The book provides readers with a view of the personality and character of one of the great biochemists of the late 20th century, as well as insights into the origin and growth of the discipline of nucleic acid biochemistry, especially the biosynthesis of DNA.The book consists of 17 chapters that trace the life and work of Arthur Kornberg.Contents:Growing Up in New York City, Medical School and the United States NavyLearning from the Masters — The NIH and the Ochoa LaboratoryThe Cori Laboratory — And a Return to the NIHWashington UniversityThe Lure of Nucleic Acid EnzymologyThe Discovery of DNA PolymeraseStanford University Medical SchoolThe Stanford Department of BiochemistryLife in the Test Tube?Like Father Like SonsSpores — A Brief InterludeDNA Replication — The Holy GrailPolyphosphateA Life of WritingIn Support of Basic ScienceCommercial Ventures and the Founding of DNAXA Life Well LivedReadership: General public, students and researchers in biochemistry and enzymology.Key Features:There are no competing titlesIt is a biography of a world famous scientistIt provides a history of nucleic acid biochemistry

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