Evolved Ones - SACRIFICE-Book 2

Natasha Oliver

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Marshall Cavendish International img Link Publisher

Belletristik / Fantasy


Home. In tropical Southeast Asia, Rox has finally reunited with her family. No more dumpster diving, shelter hand-me-downs, and rules about living on the run. This is her chance to start over and to finally figure out who she's meant to be. But even the orderly streets of Singapore can't keep Rox safe. The scientist who experimented on her ten months ago discovers her new location and threatens to tear apart all she has fought and died for. With her loved ones under attack, the fragile relationships she has worked so hard on repairing fracture. She's tempted to disappear, but she's tired of running. Rox is finally ready to fight back, and she is willing to sacrifice everything to do so. Here's what readers are saying about the series so far ... a-Awakening is a wonderfully wild, action-packed story for those who like X-Men and/or military-type thrillers. a- I find it has a great storyline and the EO's abilities are fascinating and complex that kept me interested. Engaging with actions from one event to the next. The ending left you wanting to follow Rox to the next book. a-This exciting thrill ride of a novel kept me riveted to the end. The lead character is a charismatic and strong female character who defends herself in the beautifully and detailed world created by the author. a-This book is a must read! A true page tuner! The author left nothing on the table! I'd rate 5 star for sure!!

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