Shanghai 1935

An American lady's account of the city and its high-society

Ruth Day

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


American socialite Ruth Day visited Shanghai for several weeks in 1935 and left one of the most sparkling descriptions of the city in this book, published in a limited edition the following year and only brought to the wider world in this new edition published more than 80 years later. Ruth was the step-daughter of a prominent American financial expert who held a senior post in the Chinese government, and during her whirlwind trip, she met with absolutely everyone who was anyone, and went everywhere the high-society crowd frequented - dancehalls and night-clubs, parties and the best private homes. She describes it all with a rare flair, leaving us with a valuable and unique record of Shanghai high society and the panorama of human experience in the city during its decadent heyday. This is truly a lost classic brought back to life.

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