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SIHA Journal: Women in Islam (Issue Three)


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Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa img Link Publisher

Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Weitere Religionen


Women in Islam explores the complexities of gender relations in Muslim communities in the Horn of Africa and beyond, engaging critically with the social, political and cultural challenges associated with the intersection of Islam and gender. With an eclectic selection of essays, academic papers, opinion pieces and personal narratives punctuated with poetry and art, the journal seeks to spark creative and forward-looking discussions on how to effectively improve the status of women in Muslim societies. Women in Islam is published annually by SIHA, the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa. Issue Three of Women in Islam includes investigations of social issues, profiles of inspiring women, book and film reviews, poetry, and opinion pieces. The dossier on �Living With Religious Militancy� explores women�s experiences in contexts of conflict and extremism, with articles on the dilemma of female political Islamists, a gender-segregated community in Eastern Sudan, and women of Boko Haram. Other articles include stories of Sufi women, the experience of female convert to Islam, Ziba Mir-Hosseini�s quest for equality in Islamic law, and reviews of Wadjda and Timbuktu.

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