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The Offering

Elly Vee 88

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Joyce has reached the age of 18. In her family that means making an offering of purity to her grandfather and father. The men in her family will accept her offering and will lead this young woman into the world of sexual pleasure.

Joyce knew tonight she would honor her family’s tradition by giving her purity to the male members of her family. All of her life was leading up to this very moment. Her mother was preparing her by washing her daughter, clothing her, and doing her make-up. Joyce would be presented to her grandfather first, and after that, her father would have his way with her. Joyce was nervous and asked her mom, how it was for her to give her purity. Her mom said she also was very nervous but her dad was very gentle with her and after the first time she was ready to learn all she could to satisfy her father whenever he wanted.

Joyce was shocked, Do you still have sex with grandpa. Her mother blushed. No sweetie, not anymore. It’s your turn now to please the men in our family.

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