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Innocence Lost

Alex Barton

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


When Stephanie Harding goes to college she has only ever had one lover: her darling Daddy. But by the time she graduates and then interns at her father’s company she has expanded her sexual knowledge in ways she never dreamed possible… She might have started out a sweetly innocent girl but she doesn’t stay that way for long!

Stephanie’s heart started thumping and she found it difficult to breathe. How did Lucy know about her and Daddy? And then she saw her diary on the floor by Lucy’s bed and knew her roommate had been reading it and must have become so aroused it made Lucy desperate for release. Stephanie understood why; she always wrote in great detail about what her father did to her so she could read it later and become just as sexually excited as Lucy.

Completely without thinking, Stephanie reached for the hem of her sweater and pulled it up over her head, shaking her hair out when it came free. She dropped it on her bed, her eyes meeting Lucy’s as the black girl stared hungrily at the plunge bra she was wearing, one of her Daddy’s favorites because it created a glorious deep, dark cleavage between her breasts. Stephanie reached her fingers up to the clasp at the front and popped it open: the lacy cups fell away and she was half-naked before she had time to decide if she even wanted to be.

“God, you’ve got an incredible body,” Lucy said in awe which made Stephanie blush, secretly delighted…