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Erica's Awakening

Erica No.1

E. Connally

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


When her boss crossed a gang, Erica became a pawn in their struggle. During her kidnapping she discovered erotic needs she never knew she had. Afterwards she & her husband embark on a voyage to discover her needs and free her passion. Erica’s hidden passion explodes as they rediscover each other and their love.

As Erica started to come to, she felt light-headed and woozy. Her whole body was limp, and she had this strange pain in her wrists and arms. She opened her eyes, saw blackness, and realized the hood was still over her face and the gag was still in place. She realized her wrists were tied with her arms stretched above her head and she was hanging from something. Her whole body was still recovering from the drugs and she tried to get her still recovering legs to work. She gathered her legs under her, began to stand with the pain in her arms easing a little bit, but that was short lived.

She heard the whine of something mechanical and felt her arms pulled higher over her head. She felt her whole body stretching until her feet came off the floor and she was dangling from her bound wrists. The pain in her arms, shoulders and wrists was agonizing. She tried to scream into the gag just as the hood was yanked away. She blinked her eyes against the bright light and saw a heavily tattooed, fat, ugly brute of a man standing in front of her, grinning wickedly. He looked vaguely familiar and seemed to radiate some kind of authority. The way the other men looked at him, she guessed he must be the leader.

In the background she saw roughly 30 other men, all dressed similarly with filthy wife beater t-shirts on and lots of tattoos oozing around the t-shirt. From what she'd seen in the news she was sure she was being held by some kind of gang, but she was scared of what they were going to do. The brute standing in front of her pulled a knife from behind his back and started rubbing the dull side of the knife down her arms. Terrified goose bumps erupted all over her body.

Erica had no idea what she was doing here or what was happening, but she knew it wasn't good. The evil glint in the leader's eyes told her he was up to no good and she was his victim. Dangling from her arms made it difficult to breathe, but her bloodcurdling fear left her gasping for air. She focused her attention on the leader hoping to find out why she was here and how she could get away.

The leader grinned wickedly as he inserted the knife into the neck of her dress and started cutting down the front. He seemed to be savoring it as he slowly started to part the dress, revealing first her neck and chest. The band of her bra was revealed as he continued to slice down with her flat muscled belly the next to be exposed. Finally, her panties and firm toned legs were revealed as the dress parted completely.

Everybody there was now staring at her and rapt attention, because opening her dress this way revealed her firm succulent body hidden by this nondescript dress. He used the knifepoint to open the left side of her dress. Still using the knife, he flicked open the dress so that it hung from her breast and did the same to the right side. Now the front of Erica's body was revealed to the gang with only her bra and panties still providing any modesty.