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Erica's Journey

Erica No.2

E. Connally

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Erica begins exploring her newly discovered sexuality during a night of erotic fantasies. Alan orchestrates her erotic display taking her to previously unknown heights of ecstasy as the star in a sex club. A Playboy VP approached Erica during their dinner and requested her in a photo shoot, when Erica accepts things began to go wrong threatening her life and her rekindled love with Alan.

Alan carried her over to the front of the club where a pole sat in the middle of the dance floor. He held her for a couple of more minutes while more of her shivers subsided then he set her on her feet. He raised her hands over her head and forced her up on tip toe as he hooked her bound wrists to hook in the middle of the pole.

Erica was now bound sensuously to the pole in the front of the room. With her arms pulled high over her head her breasts were lifted with the red inflamed nipples pointing at everyone in the audience. Her chest was stretched with her ribs defined against her skin and her tiny muscled belly stretched thin, making her pussy seem that much more prominent. Her red, swollen glistening pussy was wavering on top of two spectacular dancers’ legs. She looked very much like a tiny stunning sacrifice as King Kong or the huge hulking Mike approached.

Erica remembered how sensual that 1976 version of King Kong was. Jessica Lange was virtually naked tied to the sacrificial pole waiting for King Kong to ravish her. Next Kong stripped all her clothes from her as he caressed her. Now she was the star tied to a pole with a giant ready to take her anyway he wanted. To top it off, a huge crowd was gathered to watch her stunning form be violated by a giant twice her size.

The anticipated excitement trembled through her and Erica felt her quivering legs give out. If she hadn't been hanging from the pole she would have fallen to the floor. She felt every nerve in her body quivering in anticipation, ready to be taken as the sacrifice to the giant stalking her. As she scanned the crowd, she saw the licking lips, sweaty palms and eager faces waiting for Erica's fantasy to come true. It was intoxicating to feel so sexually gorgeous, open and on display as she did now. Alan slowly caressed her breasts and belly stoking to inferno inside her.

Erica preened and bask in the glow of his love, while still trembling from her previous orgasms. Her radiant love filled eyes beckoned him closer as she lovingly whispered, “Alan, when this is over can you take me back in your arms and slowly make love to me."

While he was building her passion with kisses his hands were lightly caressing her hips, legs, belly and of course her pussy, as well as those amazing breasts and ultra sensitive nipples. As he continued to caress and build the passion back into her body, he took one step to the right and motioned for Mike to take her.

Mike came up, slid his hands between her legs and cradled her legs in his arms as he pulled her hips up to the level of his cock. He started running the head of his cock through her pussy lips to lubricate it, spreading her pussy lips around the head of his cock. Mike started feeding his cock into her pussy in shallow small increments and as he went deeper, Erica's breathing got deeper as well. The crowd was whispering in amazement with this massive cock splitting this tiny stunning woman seemingly in half.