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Assertiveness: Build Self-esteem and Overcome Your People-pleasing Nature (Discover the Proven Techniques to Develop Decisiveness in Everyday Life)

Brian Williams

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This book is a workbook designed to help you transform yourself from a passive person who always pleases other people into an assertive individual who speaks up, sets healthy boundaries, and says no when necessary. It provides practical tools that can be used in all areas of life - at home, school, work, or social settings.

Here are Some Things You Will Learn From This Book:

  • What Defines an Assertive Person?
  • What Skills You Need to be Assertive
  • Tips to Start Being Assertive Quickly
  • How to Deal With Pushy People
  • How to Stand Up For Yourself
  • How to Be Assertive Without Being Rude
  • How to Stop Being a Pushover
  • How to Be Self-Confident
  • How to Effectively Communicate Assertiveness
This book offers strategies that will help you become a better version of yourself. It is time to shine and show your worth. Even if you don’t see how at the moment—this guide will show you the way!
This book will reveal to you just how capable you are. You are about to find out your own personal powers of assertiveness and what you can do with them. Are you ready?

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