Human Rights, Human Security, and State Security [3 volumes]

The Intersection [3 volumes]

Takahashi Saul Takahashi (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


This book provides innovative thinking from a variety of perspectives on the important human rights, human security, and national security policy issues of today-and how these issues intersect.The issue of human security comes into play in nearly every important policy debate in global politics, and the protection of human rights is now recognized as one of the main functions of any legitimate modern state. How can the international community best ensure that human rights are protected while simultaneously protecting state security? Who should intervene in cases of mass, gross violations, and when are military actions justified? This book seeks to address and explore these difficult and pressing questions by presenting the differing views of commentators from various ends of the spectrum. Human Rights, Human Security, and State Security: The Intersection consists of three volumes, with each focusing primarily on one of the three broad areas while also drawing connections between them. A powerful resource for policy makers and practitioners in national governments, members of international organizations, and scholars, the innovative thinking presented will give readers a deepened understanding of the various international issues and help them to formulate effective policies in today's complex international landscape.

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