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The Hijacked Mind

There is a Major War for the Human Soul

Matthew Simmons

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We are in a very real war, a war between Jesus Christ and the anti-Christ, a war between the flesh and the Spirit. Look at this supernatural war: People have been scarred by Satan, serial deception, and the surgeons of sin. People are mingled in lifestyles of pantheism, paganism, an exploding satanism, black cat-smooching, crystal-rubbing, and chicken bone-massaging witchcraft, transgenderism, serial fornication, homosexuality, and public schools teach the gender-confusion curriculum. People are involved in corruption in the government that defies description, state-supported and recreational murder (abortion), back-handed and pistol-whipped addictions, and perpetual, pathological hatred and racism.

Law will not stop murder, adultery, stealing, rape, child sex trafficking, and government corruption (the least government is the best government), but Christ can do that! You cannot legislate morality, immorality, and virtue. Law, philosophy, poetry, positive thinking, and psychology cannot change you! Shelley, Keats, Bryon, and Shakespeare cannot change you! Jesus can change you! The only solution is a blood transfusion from the veins of the Lamb of God, translated, transformed, and reborn.

This book retards the deliverance ministry, which is the "sneeze," "cough," and "vomit" movement. People are conjuring up, coughing up, and vomiting up Charismatic spirits and looking like utter fools, satanically manifesting like godless pagans, sacrificing themselves to totem poles, a vomiting and manifesting machine-the Manifesting Ministry Movement.

You don't have to watch William Peter Blatty's movie, The Exorcist, or see Rob Zombie's movie, The Lords of Salem, to see demonized witches manifesting. You can go to the nearest deliverance freak show and watch a bunch of professing pagans manifest to a crucifix and a beatbox. Conjure up demons and watch them manifest and fall out like an addict when black-tar heroin touches their lips.Call up, conjure up, and summon up the spirit of Ahab and watch them act like lobotomized primates and orangutans playing with live hand grenades. Summon a Charismatic Leviathan spirit and watch them bunny-hop, pop, flip and flop, and act like barnyard animals during mating season. Say that Christians can't have demons and watch them become pale, turn frigged-air blue, and start screaming at the top of their lungs like a rioting, protesting, and billboard-holding LGBTQ member when you say there are only two genders: male and female. These people are trying to manifest their way through life.

The Hijacked Mind retards the hyper-grace movement. If you teach a grace that forgives sin but does not produce repentance, you are preaching from satanic literature. Grace, without repentance, is paganism. The love of God without the wrath of God is Satan's theology. Love without law produces a secular humanist, and law without love produces a Pharisee. The Hijacked Mind retards atheism. Atheists are mastered by primates, and neo-pagans and environmentalists are anointed by birds, bugs, and bureaucrats.

The Hijacked Mind shares the truth of Christ and the absolute existence of Christ. This book shares the biblical truths about heaven and hell, and if you do not believe in heaven or hell, that is because you worship your own back-porch philosophy and think your intellect supersedes the knowledge of God and the truth-this is ignorance during mating season.



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