Exit Velocity

A Novel

Barbara Gregorich

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Rowan Pickett is desperate to put her life back together - which is why she goes looking for Titus Longshaw, leader of a group which seeks to unite Black, White, and Latino workers. Titus can help her get a job. Rowan's search for work keeps getting interrupted by Jake Terranova, an arrogant podcaster from Boston who insists on interviewing her about . . . a parrot. A parrot he suspects is from another planet. And by pro-fascist Zeb Snoddy, whom she has feared since she was a teen. She gets the job she so desperately needs, and this helps her regain the confidence and courage to demand social justice at rallies and in her workplace. She once again becomes active in organizations to end violence against women. The job, though, is not easy, and comes with relentless problems. Fast-paced working conditions and a foreman who has it in for her are just the start. But Rowan can handle tough situations. Until, one dark night, as she and her best friend Keisha are walking home, Zeb Snoddy is waiting for them.

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