Former President

a novel

Will Staeger

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The former President of the United States -- a hawkish former leader of the free world who's now gone bohemian - is busy doing his best to settle into a crunchy California retirement routine where the highest-stakes decisions he faces are the flavor of his morning smoothies and choice of trailheads for his afternoon hikes. All that changes when a mysterious note arrives, the sender somehow circumventing the former president's round-the-clock Secret Service detail in delivering the clandestine call for help. The source of the letter is a figure in the U.S. government whose daughter has been taken as leverage against something the letter-writer has learned, which a set of secretive power brokers want kept quiet. Craving something bigger to solve than his weekend crossword puzzle, the former president is compelled to follow the trail of bread crumbs -- but soon finds himself in way over his head, landing square in the crosshairs of a former enemy he had the chance to vanquish while in office, but never did. Forced to turn the tables to survive, this time around the man now known as "e;The Bohemian"e; has some unexpected weapons in his arsenal as he faces down his hunters. For the former president, this is unfinished business, and this time he doesn't plan on letting his old nemesis out of his grasp.

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