Revenge on the Camino Dos

Ken Privratsky

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Revenge on the Camino Dos is the second book in a trilogy spanning the Camino de Santiago and featuring FBI Agent Ward Crimmons. After helping Spain's Civil Guard solve revenge killings around Burgos (as told in Revenge on the Camino), Agent Crimmons resumes walking the Camino in memory of his deceased wife. Once again, he finds himself on the trail as more serial murders baffle the Civil Guard. Action unfolds against the backdrop of beautiful scenery and rich legends along the famous pilgrimage route, revelations about Spain's complicated history, and current challenges facing the country in its fight against drug traffickers. As police rush to identify and locate the killer, additional concerns develop because of postings on the Dark Web about Agent Crimmons. While he helps investigators, Crimmons also becomes a target as this next installment in the trilogy builds toward another riveting climax, this time in Galicia.

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