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You're Not F*Cking Crazy

Kendra Bergman

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


We are not crazy simply because we see images or hear voices in our mind. When our Logical Brain thinks about it, it cannot rationalize what is happening. Our Egoic Mind jumps into action, convincing us we couldn’t possibly be having these experiences and certainly shouldn’t tell people about them. Our Egoic Mind knows these things sound crazy, “whackadoo”, “woo-woo,” out there, or impossible.

Humanity is waking up to the reality that our Egoic Mind doesn’t know what is or is not possible.

My generation was told, “Be careful what you say, or they’ll put you in the funny farm,” (meaning mental institution). Back then, little was known about mental health. The general public was simply taught that they lock up the crazy people. ‘They’ was assumed to be the courts and ‘crazy people’ were those who acted or thought outside of societal norms. If you were crazy, it was understood that the police would come to your home, put you in a straitjacket, and haul you away to an institution where doctors would run experiments and medicate you, while they attempted a cure. Obviously that wasn’t accurate, even back then. Now, scientists and doctors have studied the brain and human behavior to understand that not everything people experience that isn’t understood by our Egoic Mind is mental illness; this is exactly the reason I want you, the person reading this book, to share your experiences and accept you are not f*cking crazy.



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