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A Bridge Between the Spiritual and Natural Realms

Nicole Zilinskas

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


In a world that often feels it's spiraling out of control, Nicole Zilinskas's debut spirituality novel offers a reprieve from the storm and an enduring solution to finding your place in God's Kingdom: the Body of Christ.

In author Nicole Zilinskas's debut, A Bridge Between the Spiritual and Natural Realms, readers will dive into an anthology of true stories that show the amazing mysteries of the supernatural through healing and deliverance. From "The witch at the health food store" to the "Three amigas," the stories within Nicole's narrative demonstrate the deep love God has for the world. They illustrate the power of prayer, healing, and faith - and Nicole hopes they encourage them to lean on His word and grow closer in their relationship with Him.

A Bridge Between the Spiritual and Natural Realms discusses spiritual growth at length - making certain that the reader walks away with a deeper understanding who they are in the body of Christ.

Written for all audiences regardless of region, age, and belief, A Bridge Between the Spiritual and Natural Realms invites readers to tap into spiritual gifts, get unstuck in life and relationships, and move forward with God at their sides.

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