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The Devil's Trill

A Nocturne Symphony Novel

Lyra R. Saenz

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


I saw my death coming.
It was staring me in the face through the eyes of another witch, but I was wrong. It’s an easy mistake to make, that your enemies would be the cause. Death didn’t come from the front. It didn’t even come from behind. No, my death came from the person I kept beside me for so many years. My heart-keeper, my savior, my protector, my husband, my killer…
Summer may have been the villain, but her story is one of survival and betrayal. Captured as a witch, she’s “recruited” to fight against the technomancers as a secret weapon. Her marriage to Donarick Thames sets in motion a vicious cycle of misfortune when her once-sweet husband starts to grow more violent, but in the meantime, she’s a badass witch who commands netherbeasts.
This novella contains spoilers for Sonata, book 2 of Lyra R. Saenz’s Nocturne Symphony. Readers who have not yet read Sonata are advised to pause before venturing further.
Additional Warnings: Mentions of rape, torture, domestic abuse, stillbirth/infanticide, and abortion.

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