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Waking Up Dead

Amanda Fasciano

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Detective Cadence Riley never believed in ghosts, until she became one.
Killed in the line of duty, she finds herself recruited into a group that monitors haunted sites, making sure the spirits don't give too much away to the living. All seems to be going well until a group of cultists unleash a chaos demon in a haunted asylum. Being a detective and the drive to help others didn’t stop with her pulse.
Now Cadence and her new partner Snow find themselves in a race against time. They have to find a way to stop the demon before it devours both the spirits and the living, and they may just have to break a few rules to do it. Being six feet under has never been so lively as she realizes her training officer is definitely in over their heads.
Join the team in this urban fantasy meets crime detective story and get ready for the series of a lifetime, er, afterlife!

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