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Eating Death


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Belletristik / Comic, Cartoon, Humor, Satire


In a world overrun by zombies, the famous chef, Jean-Pierre, must find alternative food sources to survive. He is determined to continue his passion for cooking, even if it means using the undead as ingredients in his recipes. The setting is bleak, with the remnants of civilization scattered throughout desolate landscapes.

Jean-Pierre's inciting incident occurs when he discovers a group of survivors who are starving and desperate. He sees an opportunity to help them by creating a meal from the zombies that roam the area. Despite their initial disgust, the survivors soon realize that Jean-Pierre's meals are their only chance for survival.

As Jean-Pierre continues to experiment with his zombie recipes, the conflict rises. He becomes more and more obsessed with perfecting his dishes, leading him to take reckless risks and put himself and others in danger. His addiction to the thrill of cooking with such unusual ingredients causes him to lose sight of the moral implications of his actions.

The cause-and-effect of this conflict is apparent in the way Jean-Pierre's relationships with other survivors deteriorate. Some view him as a savior for providing them with sustenance, while others condemn him for his gruesome methods. Jean-Pierre's obsession with cooking also leads him down a dangerous path, where he faces several near-death experiences.

Despite the risks, Jean-Pierre persists. His dedication to his craft culminates in a big turning point when he prepares a meal so delicious that it draws the attention of a wealthy survivor group. They offer him a chance to join their community and cook for them exclusively, but at a cost: they demand that he continue to use zombie meat in his dishes.

Jean-Pierre's internal conflict reaches its climax when he must choose between his passion for cooking and his morals. In the end, he decides to make a stand against using zombie meat in his recipes and helps the survivors find alternative food sources. The story ends with a glimmer of hope for a future where humanity can rebuild, with Jean-Pierre leading the way as a chef who has learned to adapt to the challenges of a new world.



apocolypse, fiction, zombie, horror