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Bermuda Triangle Mystery: The Dreaded Bermuda Triangle

Strange and Amazing Facts and Myths

Dr. History

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Get enchanted with Bermuda Triangle Mystery history and its remarkable events.

Are you struggling to make sense of what happened at that specific point in history? Do you want to learn all of the historical stories in an easier manner? Pick up this overview history book today to learn the inspiring history behind Bermuda Triangle Mystery! This is the perfect book for history fans for all kids to enjoy.

The Bermuda Triangle, situated in the South Atlantic between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida, is believed to be a core of plane crashes and shipwrecks. Hypotheses behind the long list of tragic accidents extend from extraordinary, magical, and supernatural causes, like time warps and aliens, to extreme and severe weather events, like rogue waves and formidable waterspouts.

Despite these disasters, authorities, and scientists suggest that no evidence exists to indicate that ships or planes vanish more often in the Bermuda Triangle than elsewhere. Are they right or wrong?

Historical Mystery Books for Kids for includes:

• A complete guide - crucial major events from the beginning to the end for a comprehensive overview

• Fascinating moments - the defining moments that everyone should know

• Tons of fun facts - makes learning fun with little known stats, trivia, and more. The interesting events that happened to historical figures.

• Chapter by chapter activities - delightful exercises for kids to make history fun, whether alone or with others

History has generally had a bad reputation of being boring and too complicated. But this series catered to kids will leave young readers learning history in a more interesting and fun manner!

If you've been interested in history but don't have time to read long and dragging textbooks, grab this Historical Mystery Books for Kids to get enchanted with its amazing stories!



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