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Bachelor Tales

A Guide for Single Men

Sergio Buononasco, MD

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This book is mainly written for men of any age who wish to avoid the pitfalls of dating while seeking a partner for life. Although this is written for men, it can be used by women who will experience similar dating problems in their search for a partner. I have tried to encompass all the problems that you may encounter in dating. But I am sure there are a number of experiences that I have missed. My sincere advice is to proceed slowly with someone that you have met and who seems to be a worthwhile individual. It takes time to learn about someone, so don't rush if you think you have found a compatible person for life. It is only with frequent contact and deep discussions that one can learn about a person. I strongly suggest that you read the books that I have mentioned in my narrative. Their usefulness proved invaluable for me in finding a partner for life.