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Hide and Seek

Dorrine W. Simmering

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When she was just ten years of, Princess Allise saved her sister from a dreadful marriage. By doing she enraged her father, who betrothed her to a much older man, the marriage to take place when Allise reached the age of sixteen. This gave her six years to find a way to avoid this fate and escape. Allise and her half brother, Bertram discovered hidden passageways, the palace treasury, and a secret exit. Once free, they had to hide from their vengeful father.

Allise and Bertram inherited healing hands, and Allise also had a compelling sixth sense that drew her to people in trouble. This sense led them to an isolated farm where they encountered mayhem and orphaned children. There they found sanctuary until they had to flee again, while fleeing they were captured and forced to heal the wounded soldiers of another King who help them escape to a distant land. Her father never stopped seeking her.

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Dorrine W. Simmering, Hide and Seek